Serving chiropractors is not only our purpose, it’s also our passion!

Not all insurance coverages fit every business. Unlike most commercial insurers on the market, AmeriProtect fully understands the chiropractic profession and we have crafted customized options designed to address to the risks faced by doctors in their practices. Every policy offered has been fully vetted by a Board of Trustees made up of practicing chiropractors who face similar risks every day. Our members can rest easy not only knowing they are covered, but also that their premium dollars are going to support the profession!

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  • I switched my workers compensation insurance to the new MAC program AmeriProtect and not only did I save money on my premium but I gained the satisfaction of knowing that my money will go to support chiropractic in Michigan. The switch was quick and easy and they did most of the work for me. Every chiropractic business is required to have workers compensation insurance so it only makes sense to have your insurance support the profession we all love!


Business Insurance for Chiropractors

  • Business Owner’s Policy
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage (required in most states)
  • Data Breach Protection
  • Much more!

Credit Card Processing

  • Free setup, supplies, terminal reprogramming and no chargeback fees
  • No long-term “handcuff” contracts
  • Automatic Data Breach Protection
  • Much more!

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